Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sorry to be so slack....

Actually, I feel like I've been slack.  Overweight and out of shape from 3 months in Costa Rica and eating junk food at boat shows.......back to the grind.  After 5 half day trips in a row, I'm feeling it. Anna is on a trip with her mom, so I'm running the show......I got up this morning at 5:30 this morning and looked at the calendar to see who I was fishing one.  I had a cancellation last week that I didn't rebook, but didn't know it.   Couple more hours of sleep and catching up on some stuff in the "office".

Roanoke Report.....from Weldon anyway.  Fish are scattered from the dam to the sound.  Weather is hot, then cold, then hot again, but looks like we're going to get another cold snap this week.   Water was high and a lot of fish came up the river all the way to the dam, then got sucked back down with the ever-dropping water levels.  Changing temps and dropping water are kind of freaking out the fish.  We're catching about 50/half day with all of our keepers, but we're working for them.   If you're getting bit, don't move.