Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stripers on the Neuse

A slow day on the Roanoke is a great day on most rivers.....but sometimes it's nice to have a little room to breath.  Gary is getting what he needs from this report:

"striper fishing has been good and New Bern with plenty of top water action.  We're also catching a few specks and 2 to 3 pound bluefish on top there as well. "   --Capt. Gary Dubiel

Seems like the river is pretty salty, maybe the tarpon will be up at New Bern again this year.   

I just got a report about a guy catching 3 cobia in the 40 pound range.......but he was 30 miles off the beach.  Hope this cold snap will keep them out there until I finish up here on the river.