Monday, January 16, 2012

grand slam including a black marlin

A lot of grand slams that people catch include black marlin, but many of those the black marlin are not legit.....but convenient to complete a grand slam of 3 species of billfish. Black marlin look a lot like a blue marlin, but are not as common. Blacks are more structure oriented and have subtle differences in fin configuration. Their pecs NEVER fold down and they fight differently than a blue, staying down more with less jumps.

The crowd from the Harker's Island Fishing Center got good video of the black marlin that they caught today, confirmed by a marine biologist.....well, I looked at it and am convinced it was a black. No video of the first marlin, but James called it a blue, add a sail and that's a grand slam.

Wish I were there.......too much time in the "office". My office tomorrow will be the bow of a panga chasing roosters.