Wednesday, December 28, 2011

afternoon with Ray

Spent the afternoon with Capt. Ray on the "cast" part of his "Cast and Blast". They blasted in the morning....well, they went out there and were ready to blast if the ducks moved, but despite the wind, things were rafted up and not moving, so no blasting. Ended way up the creek playing with the trout, not many keepers, but we did have flounder for dinner. Good afternoon on the water. Thanks Ray for letting me tag along.

Oh, you'll like this. Three of us in the boat plus Ray. I'm throwing Gulp, two with mirror lures, Ray is working the trolling motor (like a bass pro) in the wind. No bites on the Mirror Lure until an hour into it Ray picks up a rod for the first time of the afternoon. One cast, one trout. "Don't know what the matter is with you boys, I'm telling ya, they're right there."

Thanks for the lesson Ray.