Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tarpon therapy

Spent 9 hours on the Pamlico River today, we drove there and put in Aurora. We looked for 4 of those hours, fishing hard for 5 hours. I ran accross a pod of 3 tarpon, surely there would be others to arrive on the scene after the chum slick that I produced today......nothing but skates, saw not other fish after 3 hours of setting there before having to restock the cooler with more beer....not for me of course.

Man it is tough fishing, they are there and are not showing NOR biting or they are scattered all over the sound and her tributaries, my guess is the latter.

I am very much looking forward to some pay back, the week before this upcoming full moon is usually the best week of the summer for tarpon......we'll see.

If you share my frustrations with these fish, come join me in Costa Rica in October, where the tarpon do more than taunt and torture.

Shoot me an e mail and I'll reply with the details. I will be hosting the trip and it's a good one.