Sunday, August 7, 2011

Long, long, full day

We try to describe our half days as "long half days" or "3/4 days" because we don't want to let a couple hours get in the way of making a successful trip. Our full days are long full days, not the typical get on the boat and 8 hours later step off the boat which is the norm with other guides accross the country.

Yesterday was a long, long, long full day. After 14 hours, 60 pounds of spots/croakers and 10 pounds of mullet, I was out of bait and strike-less. We saw NOTHING. I'll blame the clounds, rain and changing wind directions. The good move that we did make was stopping along the shoreline to catch a few pups for dinner. That did work out, but barely, otherwise, it was a pretty good skate bite......but as my customer from Ireland said the other day..... "The skates fight better than those big drum anyway!"