Monday, August 8, 2011

good day gone bad

It's bad enough that the military is trying to take over the Pamlico Sound with more and more "temporary" restricted areas......only a matter of time before they try to make them permanent.

It's bad enough when waters available to fishermen for generations without interference with military operations or injury to the public are closed because the military decides to change it's enforcement policies, recently eliminating 5 miles of available Neuse River shoreline.

But it is outrageous when fishermen who are legally fishing outside of the restricted and prohibited areas are harassed and intimidated. The prop wash killed the puppy drum bite and put salt spray all over everything, including my camera. It's a shame that they cannot be better neighbors.

I support our troops, they have given me the freedom to denounce some of the bonehead decisions that their superiors make. Through all of this, I continue to be shocked at the lies and the lengths that the military will go to intimidate anyone who questions their decisions or desires.