Friday, December 31, 2010

stripers on Cape Lookout Shoals

I'm off to CR tomorrow, but for those who may want to try them.....or would like to try them when I get back Jan. 9-15......there are definitly some HUGE stripers on Cape Lookout Shoals. I saw 2 singles and a pair of 30+ pounders on the east side of Shark Island today. Couldn't get them to eat, maybe with some eels or menhaden.

I rode to Drum Inlet looking, but never saw much bait or a single diving bird. As we were cruising the shoals looking for more stripers, the gannets briefly came together but fell apart by the time we got there.

They're catching them really good at Hatteras and things are moving this direction, it could fire off at Cape Lookout anytime.

Small trout and pups at the jetty. Widespread major cold stun reports are coming from a number of creeks. This past snow was not good for the specks......

Next report hopefully will be from the tropics.