Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hunting with Capt. Ray

Very ducky day today, overcast and cold, spitting rain. I enjoyed spending the time with Capt. Ray and his party. I brought the old tennis ball dog, Shamrock. He's no spring chicken at 11 years old, one of Ruby's puppies, she's now 16 1/2 and still doing well, but not in shape enough for more than 1 or 2 retrieves.......very short retrieves.

Capt. Lee said that he hunted him a for a season and he did well, I've never seen him retrieve more than a tennis ball. He's just one of those goofy labs with the funny look on his face, when I look at him, a tried and true water dog that has had a bunch of birds shot over him is not what I see.

Will be looking at him a bit differently from here on out. Shot 7 birds and he made 7 great retrieves, couldn't have asked for anything more.

It was good to see some birds pitch into the decoys and see a good dog work.

The steak sandwiches......over charcoal....were right on time......followed by steamed oysters......cooked on the gas burner. Capt. Ray knows how to do it right.

Waiting to get out on the ocean this week. Pretty decent trout bite up in the creeks, guys are getting 4-8 fish in the 2-5 pound range on most trips, mixed in with a handful of stripers, makes for an entertaining half day trip.