Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the week in review.....

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, good times by all with family. For us it was good times and good Cuban food in Miami.
In the last week, Capt. Brian H. has crushed the grouper and even hooked a bluefin tuna, just a few have been caught, but not many people have been fishing for them.
Capt. Ray and Capt. Gary have had great fishing for the specks and pups in the river and creeks......I went with Capt. Lee yesterday and we saw no ducks and caught no trout, mostly exploring, but humbled from Gary's report of fishing yesterday, 30 trout and a dozen pups.
On Sunday, I did have a great guide who put me in the fish, Capt. Tag A Long Dan's son Merritt, gave us a lesson on trout fishing. We caught about 30 trout, 2 pups and 3 flounder compared to the father/father team of Dan and my dad, they may have had 10 between the two of them.....a nice day on the water.
Capt. Joe Shute and Capt. Brian Horsley report of albies hitting the beach this week on three different days....which is about what the fishing and the weather has given us. You get 3-4 days/week where the fishing and the weather cooperate and give you a great day of catching, otherwise, it's trying to stay out of the wind and enjoying a day of fishing.
Plenty of openings in case anyone wants to get out of the cabin and into some fresh air. Drop us a line.