Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Capt. Fred's fishing spot

Capt. Fred Slann just sent me directions to his fishing hole in the attached at the youtube site.

This weekend was decent with fish from 24 to just a tic under 30" to the boat...and we saw a few real studs too. I'd guess we laid eyes on over 80 single and doubles fish that we cast to with the fly...boated 5 real pretty fish on the fly and watched the take on all of them. Because I'm not fishing the grass I'm gettin a good 6hrs of good time on the boat to fish these fish. The thing that seems to be the neatest is you just pole to the fish....not spooky at all.

I wondered what would happen if I cheated and flipped a live shrimp to these fish....i may just check that out!

Anyway, here is a short you tube of me coming off the flats in my Grass Rat...water is less than 14" most of the way!


His long half days are $300, one angler only please.