Thursday, July 1, 2010

East wind

East wind in the ocean pretty much sucks, but we weren't fishing the ocean today. In the river and east wind makes the water rise and the "pups" and "yearlings" hit the grass.

I started the morning checking out where I saw those tarpon yesterday, but 15-20 knots of east wind and 2-3 foot chop didn't make it easy. No bites within an hour so we took the tarpon bait to the shoreline and began to work on the pups and yearlings, catching thirty-four 25-35 inchers in about 4 hours. Capt. Gary was doing the same thing about 5 miles away from us. Wow, there are a lot of drum around this year. Every place that we stopped, we caught fish.

Here's a pic of one of Gary's "yearlings".