Friday, September 25, 2009

The party is over, but good fishing remains....

Although Ray caught 4 big uns this afternoon, I couldn't get the big bite. The big drum fishing has dramatically slowed. I heard that Stormin Norman Miller saw one of the largest schools that he's ever seen leaving the inlet. There are still some around and there is still a reasonable chance at catching some fish, but nothing like it was 4 days ago.

The good news is that the puppy drum fishing is really good, mix in a few "yearlings"(27-35 inch fish) and an occasional big fish, fishing in general is really good. Things are also starting to heat up with other light tackle stuff. This morning we had 8 nice stripers, 3 black drum, 2 pups and a couple keeper flounder. In the afternoon, no big 'uns, but pups for everyone and a few yearlings.

Albies are at the Cape and the big kings just a little offshore. I'll be taking the week to gear up for fishing out of MHC.

Whether it is out of New Bern, Morehead or Oriental, fishing is looking good for this fall. Give us a ring and we'll make it happen with one of the Down East Guides.

Some pics to follow.....