Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't get on my boat!!!

Don't get on my boat if you have a piss-poor attitude and are full of "negative energy".

Don't get on my boat if you are going to tell me at 6:15 in the evening, an hour before sunset and during the best of the drum fishing that YOU don't believe that they're going to bite so I might as well just take YOU back to the dock.

Don't get on my boat if you don't plan on FISHING, if you want a boat ride, go on a sailboat, Oriental is full of them.

Don't get on my boat if you don't plan on dedicating as much time and effort as I'm willing to dedicate to the success of your day.

Don't get on my boat if you need to go home because after 4 hours you are worried that your dogs might piss on the carpet. If my 16 year old lab can hold it, so can yours.

Don't get on my boat if you're going to spend the whole afternoon telling me how YOU catch halibut or salmon or ling cod or or whatever it is that you catch where you used to live; then spend the rest of the day telling me that I should be fishing the way that you used to fish. When in Rome.......learn from the Romans, you can do whatever you want when you're on your own.

And for "Never Enough"....Don't get on my boat and tell me that "They've all gone to Ocracoke".

And for the offshore charter customers......Don't get on my boat and tell me "Well, the last time that we fished out of Oregon Inlet, we caught over 800 pounds of tuna on a half day trip."

Finally, don't stand on the dock, eating a banana and plan on getting on my boat!!!!

Enough venting......for those willing to FISH, they're catching fish, still double digit days, including Capt. Joe Shute who had a double digit day yesterday. Things are beginning to wind down, the bite is a little later in the day, but yes, we're still getting them.

Some pics from yesterday morning are to follow.