Saturday, February 6, 2021

Cold yet?

 Just wanted you to remind you that sunshine kills Corona.   All good here in the tropics with things getting back to normal.   Now if the US would just get their head out of the sand and make it easier to get home.  Currently a negative covid test or doctor proof that you have had and recovered within the last 90 days.....but all that can change anytime. 

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What is consistent this year is the fishing.    The current has been shoving bait right up on the bank with double digit sailfish days within 15 miles of the marina.  Yes, there are some marlins swilling around with them and almost daily shots.   

Also up on the bank have been schools of caballas or what we would call jumbo cigar minnows.   As we are trolling for the sails a double sabiki rig is at the ready and deployed when we find a bait ball. 

If you hit it the mark, as the sabiki comes to the surface it looks like a string of Christmas lights.   If you can get them up before a sailfish attacks, these cigar minnows are like candy to the tunas.   Not into tugging on tunas?  Ok, take a few minutes and drop some down on our high speed bottom fishing reels to catch a grill-sized snapper for dinner.