Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Flounder season open, Capt. Ray says and Capt. George's mini-rant

flounder season opened and Capt. Ray says  that there is a good sign of them. 

I will also say that there is a good sign of them.  In fact, there was an excellent sign of them as a result of PREVIOUS regulations that were not given a chance to work, not for the recreational angler anyway. 
Recreational anglers repeatedly reduced their catches as mandated by a series of previous regulations. It is completley BULLSHIT that this new "season" was imposed on recreational anglers who have done their part, but in the name of being "equitable" are forced additional unjustified regulations and closed seasons.

Get 'em while you can because this season only last a few weeks, then you will have to wait another year for a flounder sandwich unless you buy it from the fish market.