Monday, August 3, 2020

Tarpon, tarpon, tarpon

Sounds like there was a pretty good showing out in the sound on Saturday, coinciding with a local pick up tournament of local tarpon fishermen.   

Tag a Long Dan and Tom Cat Brynn each caught two tarpon.   Dan's team  hooked a third tarpon that would have sealed the deal, but the tie in this event is broken by the first caught fish , which was team Tom Cat.   I understand that multiple tarpon tournament winner Gene Wooster from Mobile East Marine was also on the boat so I guess they split the trophy? 

Capt. Greg also caught a tarpon along with Jimmy on the Bull Pen.  

Lots of tarpon showed under ideal calm condtions.   After this blow they may be worth pursuning.   Let me know if you are hard headed enough to chase unicorns.   Will get you rigged up. 

Oh and the big drum have showed also.