Friday, August 21, 2020

Commercial limit of red drum to increase to 10 fish????


IF the spirit of the law allowing a bycatch only red drum fishery could truly be adhered, then 7 to 10 fish would be not be a big deal, BUT the reality is that we have already been down this road.   A 10 fish limit makes it easier for unscrupulous fishermen and buyers to  target red drum, forge trips, trip tickets and dates.  


Enough of that goes on already…..redfish sold as bluefish….etc.    A ten fish limit encourages these ongoing illegal activities and encourages targeting of red drum.


The only solution to the bycatch, red drum or otherwise is to require MANDATORY ATTENDANCE of ALL GILL NETS. 


The net reels at Cedar Island/West Bay deploy thousand yard shots that kill hundreds of red drum that will be sold illegally or discarded and not counted.    Neither is acceptable.