Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Never Give Up

I had completely given up on the cobia.   Was on the way in the inlet and about to pull it back in the no wake zone when I ran across a pair of keepers, the larger being close to 50 pounds.  They went down but despite all the boat traffic and rocking and rolling they popped back up.    I hooked both of them and lost them both on the same cast.   I could not believe that we found them again paddling along, right in the middle of all the slop.   This time I hooked the little one and the big one was much more finicky.  Instead of taking a chance of losing the one on the line for a second time, we took the shot with the gaff and let the bigger one swim free until tomorrow. 

We did a lot  of looking and those were the only cobia that we saw......after i had given up

I did see a decent school of tarpon and a pair of 100 pounders cruising along the shallows.  I will have something for them tomorrow.