Thursday, May 14, 2020

And yes, we still have seen no cobia

but we have had really good fishing with a bunch of different species that included bluefish blitzs so thick they were eating the weight off the line.   Grey trout on light tackle, giant snappas and groupers on the jigging rods, topwater plugs getting terrorized by packs of amberjacks, carpets of sharks behind shrimp trawlers, I mean we have had a really amazing day of just took three days to add it all up.

there are some bait balls around and the water temps are starting to get where they need to be.  The weather man says that there is a tropical system passing by on Monday/Tuesday so I imagine that later next week we should be into the first big wave......if we are going to get it.

It is sad to say that for the first time in my life the most trustworthy person on TV is the weather man.