Sunday, January 19, 2020

Very slack on reports

You get all you want by sitting on the jon in the morning looking at facebook.   Guess what?   The trout are biting and they may just make it thorugh the winter.   If you want to go, we've got some guides who can get you out there.

Meanwhile, we have been busy the last couple of weeks with some billfish tournaments.  Nothing dramatic, but consistent daily catches keeping us in the hunt which feels a lot better than out to lunch.   Fishing here is mixed, kind of tough with the billifish, still almost daily shots at marlin and a handful of sails on most days, others a little more and some days less.  some dorado around and the tunas have saved a lot of days.   All in all, we've been making it happen.

Now that we've got a break from the tourneys, Anna and I will be reaching out about reconfirming trips on the books for NC 2020 and confirming those reservations with deposits.   If you are not on the books or are unsuure, now would be a good time to reach out.

All the best from the tropics,