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November 21, 2019

A couple of comments were made at the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission last week that I felt needed further reflection. The first was a comment made by Director Steve Murphey during his Director's Report regarding a recent post on NC Waterman, a popular online chat room for discussion of fisheries management politics, about the recipients of Hurricane Florence disaster relief funds. The post identified by name several of the largest recipients of those taxpayer funded payments. When making his point that the data was not released by the Division, the Director cited NC General Statute 113-170.3 that makes all information about individual commercial landings data and revenue confidential .

According to CCA NC General Counsel, Dr. Tim Nifong, the NC Public Records statute, on the other hand, "is one of the so-called 'sunshine laws' aimed at promoting transparent and open government. The Public Records law sets the floor--what must be released as public records--and not the ceiling--what can be released. That is, beyond those records it must disclose as a matter of law, an agency can choose to release any government record it wants, and once that has happened, as here in the release of the information on the hurricane assistance recipients, it is clearly a public record even if it was once confidential information."

Beyond the legality of the release of the information, how public funds are spent is core public information. In the social media post, Cooke Seafood, an international, multi-billion dollar corporation, was identified as the single largest recipient of Hurricane Florence assistance monies. Are the taxpayers of North Carolina not entitled to know that Cooke Seafood received over $400,000 in disaster assistance? Surely the Legislature would be interested in a full accounting of how the commercial fishing disaster relief money was spent?

The second thought that has been stuck in my head was a seemingly innocent comment by Commission Chairman Rob Bizzell at the conclusion of the meeting on Friday afternoon. Chairman Bizzell let the other commissioners know that he was considering eliminating the Wednesday night public comment period because of low participation by the public. By my count, only five people made public comment on Wednesday night. Some commissioners do not even feel it is worthy of their time to attend the Wednesday night session. See the empty seat in the picture below.

Doing away with the Wednesday night public comment period would certainly save the Commission some time and money but it would also further alienate an already skeptical public by eliminating the only time when a working member of the public has the opportunity to address the Commission without missing work. With all due respect to the Chairman and the taxpayer's dime, it makes better sense to encourage more participation in our fisheries management process instead of looking for ways to further erode the public's confidence in the process. The Chairman might also consider encouraging commissioners to take a little more interest in the public's input. Beyond the commissioners who don't even show up, some others could be encouraged to at least act like they care what a member of the public is saying when they take the time to prepare comments and attend the meeting.

One final suggestion would be for the Chairman to consider some flexibility on the three-minute time limit for the handful of people that do take the time to prepare and attend the public comment period. Especially considering that some of the speakers represent larger groups whose members may not be able to attend the meetings but rely on their representatives to show up and express their concerns. An extra 30-seconds for someone to finish his or her thoughts is not going to drag out the proceedings. Commissioners would still have been able to make their 6:30 dinner reservations even if all five of the speakers Wednesday night had been granted an extra minute to finish their comments.

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Captain Mike Goodwine- Renowned Florida-based guide specializing in catching trophy redfish, sea trout, flounder and tripletail with Blackneck Adventures Fishing Charters!
Natalia Frost - Morehead City-based offshore fishing specialist who excels at trolling for wahoo, tunas, dolphin and billfish, as well as deep-dropping for swordfish!  
Harry Vernon III - Premier South Florida-based offshore trolling, live-baiting, and bottom fishing authority! 

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Topics for the New Bern seminar will focus on inshore, near shore and offshore fishing, all saltwater and all related to the region. Featured species to include redfish, flounder, trout, striped bass, king mackerel, cobia, groupers, sea bass, dolphin, wahoo, tunas and swordfish.
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TUESDAYS, NOVEMBER 26 THROUGH DECEMBER 10, SEA GRANT NORTH CAROLINA, INTRODUCTORY NC MARINE FISHERIES MANAGEMENT FOR FISHERMEN. This course provides an overview of the process of North Carolina's marine fisheries management. All who work, play and live along the coast are wecome. For more information, contact Scott Baker at 910-962-2492 or


To inform the public the review of the Southern Flounder FMP is underway and to provide an opportunity for the public to comment on identified management strategies or identify other relevant strategies in the management of Southern flounder fishery.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, SALT WATER SPORTSMAN NATIONAL FISHING SEMINAR SERIES at the New Bern Convention Center, New Bern, NC, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, featuring George Poveromo. Get your tickets now, to avoid a sellout. To pay with Visa, MasterCard and American Express, call (800) 448-7360, or to register on-line, visit:

MARCH 7, "BITE ME" ADVANCED ANGLING FISHING SCHOOL PRESENTED BY BILL CARONE TRUCKS, at Mad Boar Restaurant in Wallace, NC, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Speakers include Capt. Mike Taylor, Capt. Jason Dail, Capt. Seth Vernon, Capt. Jeff Cronk, Capt. Allen Jernigan, and Capt. Ray Brittain.

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