Sunday, August 4, 2019

Tarpon Tourney

Each year we have a little pick up tournament since there aren't enough tarpon around to have a 70+ boat event as in year's past.   Just too many sting rays and too few tarpon fishermen killed that event.   So the hard core guys get together and this is how it went down yesterday between the 12 boats fishing the event:  

Greg Voliva jumped one off which would have won the tournament.
Gene Wooster caught one which was the first of 2 fish caught and he won
Chuck Hudson later caught one on the Pamlico River but too little too late.   Pretty work on your tarpon nonetheless, you're still a winner in my book. 

Brynn Thomas jumped off two fish next to us in the Sound.  Whew, that was pretty.  Sorry you blew your chance! 
It was really nice to see a few fish around.   Got to sneak up on them on 3 different occassions and throw a live menhaden in the middle of them, only to have a bluefish snake my bait from the tarpon. 

Couple of drum were caught by the fleet.

Congrats to Gene Wooster on your tarpon tournament win!