Sunday, August 19, 2018

drum report

Most of us are getting what we need, but it has been a struggle.   Every year is different and this year is no exception.   You can't expect the fishing to be the same or the fish to be in the same spots, using the same "patterns" as they have in years past. 

All of this rain has had it's impacts.  The fresh water has not affected the overall salinity, but we are seeing some minor algae blooms.   The perpetual SW wind and hot temps result in a very stratified river, heavier, saltier water on the bottom and the fresher water on top. The result is that the oxygen levels are very low in the deeper parts of the river, forcing more fish to the shallows or downstream. 

The corkers have been frustrated, sometimes seeing dozens very finicky big drum sipping on weak and dying menhaden on the surface, but not having the easiest time getting them to bite.   The meatheads are not catching fish in the deeper portions and having a hard time keeping bait on the hook as the "dead water" has forced all the bait stealers (crabs, pinfish and little bluefish) into the shallows.   Two or three big drum in the boat is a good day, but not the numbers we have been accustomed to this time of year.

The guides who have been doing the best and who have been most consistent have been making longer runs into the sound where the water is more mixed and the fishing has been better.

We are getting tuned into these conditions and will go where we need to go to get the best action. 

All this is going to change when we start getting some nor'easters, but this change in wind direction will be ugly at first.   When the wind changes direction, parts of the river are going tos see a heck of a "flounder walk".   The more oxygenated surface water is going to blow to the other side of the river and all that dead water with no oxygen is going to come to the surface, trapping fish and crabs using the shallows which will be void of oxygen, forcing the fish to the shoreline. 

This has historically happened, but this year is going to be one to remember. 

Now don't get me wrong, we still have some great fishing with some great trips with big numbers to come, but bear with us as we stay on top of a rapidly changing system and prepare for a longer boat ride if that's what we have to do.