Wednesday, April 26, 2017

stepping up the water

Yes, they have stepped up the water in the Roanoke at Weldon with water levels increasing dramatically over the past few days and forecast for the next couple of days.   How has this affected the fishing?   Capt. Greg says that they are catching 40-50 fish/half day trip despite the increasing water levels the last two days and the average size of the fish is getting larger.  

Actually, the increasing flow is not necessarily a bad thing, cuing fish downstream to make the charge all the way up the river.  When they get to Weldon, it's just a few more miles to the dam and there are fish stacked up almost all the way there.   Although the fly fishing is more difficult, some of our best days have been under these high water conditions.

As long as we are having 40-50 fish half days, fishing is going to continue as scheduled.