Monday, April 24, 2017

Rain Delay

Although rain is not a reason to cancel a trip, that is all up to the captain's call, but some captains have called this rain a little too much, so are giving the stripers a break for a day or so.

Attached are pics and comments from one Greg's recent trips.

My 81 year old dad, my neighbor's son Tate Jones (had never been fishing on a boat), and I fished w Greg  on Friday afternoon and had a relaxing good time......We caught rock fairly steady the entire time and were able to get 6 keepers for my belly muscle at a later time.
 Most importantly my Dad and Tate had a good time catching fish on a beautiful river surrounded by woods.  My kind of nature therapy.   I enjoyed spending time w Greg as he's relaxed but put us on fish.  I've attached a few pictures of my Dad and Tate enjoying themselves.

As I told Greg........all I had to do was show up w something to drink & snack.  No worries, no pressure, no fish prep, no boat cleaning, no boat bill or insurance,
Nutting.  That's the way to go.

Thank you for an enjoyable afternoon.
Lynn. S."