Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Good report, how long will it last?

Floodwaters are arriving at New Bern and Washington with lots of debris, yet to see how much oxygen choking muck and nutrients from a load of sources.   That nutrient sponge that we were talking about in our last newsletter got a big squeeze.   Hopefully with the lower temps there is more room in the water for oxygen and decomposition that uses that oxygen will be slowed leaving enough in the water for fish to breath.

There will be areas where it is really bad, both water quality and isolated fish kills due to low dissolved oxygen, other areas are going to be loaded with large concentrations of fleeing and hungry fish.   Signs of this already at the coast with huge schools of albies feeding on glass minnows flushed from the sound and big trout already in the surf.

Here is a report from Capt. Mitch:
"Dang George, Matthew was a mess.  Some remained business as usual and others were in areas that got disconnected form the world.  You didn't have to be at the coast to get hammered either.  I got the leaves out of the boat and this is what I found: 
Trout Bite is outstanding!  H Don't know but if you miss this you might miss the best of it.
Flounder, few around they are either easy keepers or a  1/4" shy, looks good for next year too. 
Stripers are busting on top top.
Reds are at most stops but almost all of them I found were just short of keeper size.
 All in all the rods are bent and slams are coming on the boat!"