Saturday, October 1, 2016

Did you see the newsletter? Not as much hate mail as I was expecting

Here are some samples of what folks had to say:

"George….really appreciate the CCA kudos in your newsletter !   Also, really enjoyed the OPEX fishing event and wanted to echo RW's comments   “World class fishing with a world class outfit!"  
 Hope to see ya on the water soon !   Best Regards to your bride.

"Capt. George
 Thanks for the rant particularly on the unattended nets AND the flounder closure………

"Cool pic of the ass end of Dragon Fly!  Funny that I read news letter on our farms North of Scotland Neck. I was checking dams on ponds after all this heavy rain we had in the last week. We are doing our part to keep rivers clean. Water was clear due to conservation measures we started years ago. Watershed is upper Kehukee Creek that flows into Roanoke at Palmyra.
 Fair Winds. JJ"

"Best newsletter I have ever read. And I read every word. DF" 

"I appreciate your reports.
 I am not writing about your reports, however your statement about Gill Nets.  You might have a degree, and so do I.
Gill Nets, kill and doesn't matter if they are attended or not.
 I live in Texas.  Gill Nets are illegal, period.....and our fishery  has never been better.....Redfish, trout, and flounder.
 Get a grip.....if you have the balls, call me

"I wanted to sent you a personal thank you for your kind words regarding CCA hard work on the Southern Flounder issue.  Your wife is sorely missed on the MFC and if the opportunity ever arises for her to be reappointed, we will do all we can to make sure that occurs.....    I thought she was very fair to both sides and had the resource as her main concern.  I respected her points.
 You are right on point with your news letter, CCA is not out to put the commercial sector out of business, we just want to change some of their gears and regulations to protect the non-targeted species.  We are making a strong effort to make sure 2017 brings some exciting changes to fishery management in NC.  Thank you for your support.   B.A." 

"Hey George, hope all is well. I just finished looking over your most recent Down East Guide Service newsletter. I thought I would give you a little more info on the recent striped bass spawning success. We actually had two, back to back spawning successes like we haven’t seen in the Albemarle in a long, long time. 2014 AND 2015 seem to both be huge year classes. I’ve been getting reports since fall of 2014 of the huge numbers of rock from up the Meherrin above Murfreesboro, down to Ocracoke, back across the Sound to Bay River and up to Swanquarter. They are just all over. However, the 2013 spawn was just the opposite. Absolutely zero spawning success due to bad flooding in June of that year while the fish were still coming down the river. So there will be no 4 year olds up the Roanoke next spring. But several good years after that.
 Will see you next spring and thanks again for putting us in touch with your folks on the river at Weldon. It helped us out with our tagging study tremendously. 
Tight lines,

 Good newsletter today. We are seeing lots of small Reds in the Back Sound, North River area too...... I wanted to reach out to you about our fishing tournament on Nov. 5 out of the Boathouse. We are going to release up to ten tagged Reds the day before the tournament and have a new Silverado up for the first one returned to the weigh master. The folks at CMAST are going to hold and release them. The money prizes are good too. We’ll be splitting the proceeds with Hospice House which serves Carteret, Craven, Pamlico, Onslow, and Hyde counties. Anything you can do to help promote it would be appreciated. Thanks.
 BTW, I’m sure you know CCA was out front on small mesh attendance too. I and many others spoke at the meetings ....... It did have an immediate impact. 

"good evening, 
do you have more information on the australia trip? details, cost, etc. Sincerely, M.R."