Wednesday, September 7, 2016

           I want to thank you once again for a great day. I want to tell you ,that after fishing with you for at least fifteen years, how much I appreciate what you do. Thank you for time, effort, and hard work that you put in to each trip that you have provided for me and my children. I remember starting on the Roanoke River fishing with my son for stripers and catching over a hundred fish, then taking him and our oldest daughter and catching stripers, then in June for a mixed bag of fish from Oriental.  Then there were years that I brought my son and dad down and we were not able to get out. . Not only have you worked hard but you have also kept us safe, thank you again. Yesterday was an exceptional day, twenty five plus pups and those pesky big old drum not leaving the bow rods alone.  A double digit day on big old drum and we weren't even looking for them. What a day! We were all exhausted last night, thanks again. It's easy to be happy when you have a day like that, but appreciation comes from watching you work. It comes from knowing that you have our best interest in mind whether it is big fish or smaller fish, or directing someone who has a young child to fish for stripers that first year instead of giant red drum. I believe that people are put in to your life for a reason, " of divine intervention", you'll understand that. I consider you a friend for all that you have done. I hope that your other parties appreciate, pay attention and notice all that you do. I am sending you a few pics, if you want more let me know.  I look forward to fishing with you again. Oh, one last thing you actually taught me how to catch specks, that first year you wore me out catching stripers on the Roanoke River so I learned how to snatch a grub off the bottom a feel the bite on the fall. The pups yesterday afternoon were picking up the lead heads and moving towards us that's why we were missing them. Thanks again God bless and tight lines.