Monday, August 15, 2016

Everything is hot

It's hot, everything is hot.   Air is hot, especially when its' full of green heads coming across that marsh.   Water is hot, over 93 degrees in the creek.  Capt. Ray says that its so hot all you have to do is add a little Old Bay to the creek because the shrimp are already cooked.   Although we have had some decent fishing with the big drum showing up in fishable numbers, they, like most of us, they are not moving around much in the middle of the day.   As more of the big 'uns get here on the filling moon, the consistency of the bite will improve as they will be easier to land on.    When the first nor'easter hits, gas will be thrown on the fire and you'll see another kind of hot.

No matter how good or bad your fishing may be, someone will be getting theirs.   That would have been Capt. Greg yesterday and not me.