Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Reply to drum inquiry, thought I would write it down in one place

I will be glad to help get you out on the water.   We have several different styles of trips on different types of boats.
The most consistent fishing is bait fishing, waiting for the rod to bend over and it usually does. 
The more “technical” fishing is with the popping corks.  Experienced anglers and better casters get more bites.  Both can be extremely successful.
Bait fishing is typically best in the afternoons or early mornings and a little wind is no problem, even helpful.
Popping corks is best under calm, morning conditions.
Bait fishing can be done on “bay boats” or the larger center consoles, but the larger center consoles are a lot better in the wind. 
Corking can be done on either boat, but the bay boats with trolling motors are a lot better for it.
Bay boats are ideal with 2 anglers, 3 as a max.
Center consoles are ideal with 2-3 anglers, 4 as a max.  
Morning corking trips start at or before 6 am and usually finish up by 11ish
¾ days start at 6 am or 2 pm
Full days start at 7 am or noon.
Split or extended days are only for die-hards

Rates:                                                                # hours             bay boats              23+center consoles      
Morning Corking cork trips                            4-5                         $550                      $600
¾ day drum trips am or pm  w/bait            6ish                           650                        700
Full day drum trips am or pm w/bait          8ish                           750                        800
Split or extended full days                             10+                           850                        900

Deposit Policy:  To confirm reservations a $200 per boat/day deposit is due within 7 days.   Deposits for reservations within 14 days must be secured immediately.   Reservations not secured with deposits are subject to cancellation without notice.  Deposits are NOT refundable, but are transferable if cancelled greater than 30 days from the date of the trip.   100% refunds for weather cancellations.
Weather Cancellations are at the sole discretion of the captain.   Rain is not a reason for a weather cancellation and we encourage you to bring rain gear regardless of the weather forecast.   Eminent danger from lighting, hurricane warnings and conditions deemed unsafe by the captain are justification for weather cancellations.    Any adjustments to the price of trips shortened due to the weather are at the sole discretion of the captain.   
Fuel Surcharge:   With the wild unpredictability of gas/fuel prices, fuel surcharges MAY apply.  In North Carolina our prices are fixed on fuel costs of $3.50/gallon.   The fuel surcharge is the difference between the current fuel price and $3.50/gallon times the number of gallons used.  Fuel surcharges will be applied in the fairest possible manner.   The Down East Guides will go wherever necessary to give you the best chance of success.