Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reply to Costa Rica fill the freezer


Fish can NOT be cleaned at the marina, only on the boat outside the marina.  There is a place that can vacuum pack filets.   I guess you could have American Exports ship what you do not want to put in your suitcase.   We have very, very, few people ever bring back fish, but those who do, perhaps a filet or two or a tuna loin, get it frozen, wrapped in trash bags and in their suitcase.

I just cannot express to you enough that this is not a fill-the-freezer destination.  I would rather you go fishing with someone who is going to tell you exactly what you want to hear than you go fishing with us and be pissed off at the end of the day when you catch a couple dorado…..if any and release a dozen sailfish…..if any perhaps stopping on a rock for hand cranking tilefish and groupers out of 300-500 feet of water.   A couple of drops and you’re done, caught what you’ve caught…..if anything.   It’s not like a restaurant out there and if you are coming to Costa Rica to fill the freezer, you are better off going to the fish market.

Now that I said my piece, if you want a quality fishing experience with the best equipment and the best efforts, we will be more than happy to provide, but you catch what you catch.  If you get a day or two, I’ll make sure that Capt. James pulls out all the stops in attempts to fill your freezer whether it be dolphin, a tuna school or bottom fishing, but many times people miss the best fishing of their lives because they are fishing for what they want to catch instead of what is biting.

I’ll be glad to answer any questions or get you lined up with a day on the Dragin Fly

Standing by in the tropics,