Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 2 Report

The greasy slick calm days with sailfish fanning the surface in quads is just a memory after the last couple of days.   It's not rough for NC standards, but for Costa Rica, two days of 15 knt winds make it a bit choppy and the bite has definitely changed.  

James on the Dragin Fly and Danny on the Spanish Fly charged out to the west today looking for all of those fish that disappeared before the tournament.  Neither of us found them.  We did have one bright spot when we were running through a squall line with torrential rain and water spouts lined up and down.   When we punched through we were greeted by thousands of birds picking the water.   James pulled back and set the spread and we caught a quick double header, missing a couple others, then it just evaporated.   Five hours later the radio fired off and the fleet tightened up, fortunately we were only about 5 miles away and made a short run to the edge of the crowd and had 10 quick bites, catching 5 of them.   7 for today and 12 for yesterday, each day we had 15 bites.   The top boat had 15 sails today with the rest of the leaders within a couple of fish.  

Our friend Capt. Tony's consistency on Team Galati has got him in first place for this leg of the 3 tournament series with a total of 3300 points, followed by the HT Hook, also a 43' Maverick like the Dragin Fly, but everyone is still way behind the Xta Sea who one the first leg and now has over 10,000 points.

It only takes a couple big days to be right back in the thick of it, we're looking for one tomorrow.