Thursday, September 26, 2013

We're not done yet

Double digit days with the pups and paperwork for citations.   I'll be wrapping up my time here this weekend with a nor'easter sending me on my way.   The puppy drum fishing is still really good to "epic" and will remain so through the winter.   There should be opportunities for big 'uns at any time, duck hunters reported catching them last January, so as long as the water stays above freezing, they will not all be gone.....although the mass exodus has begun.   If you want in on the action, we can still get you out there with the Down East Guides who have not yet given up on them.

Although my time here has come to an end this season, I'll still be fishing, a few days in Morehead City if the wind will ever stop blowing, then Costa Rica for some much needed payback on the tarpon.   Anna and I will be joining Never Enough and the Big Dipper for a couple of days, followed by a couple of days of billfishing....hopefully some casting poppers at big yellowfins, then playing with the miniature yellowfins, actually albies......but  also kings, groupers, sea bass and whatever else Anna will let us catch at the beach.   I have plenty of openings Oct. 24-31.