Monday, June 10, 2013

Good news

Capt. Chris Kimrey was the cobia fleet hero today.   Rough conditions on the beach, but he managed to find the bait tucked up in a creek.   He shared his wealth of live bait and as a result, there were at least 5 keeper cobia on 3 different boats.    Chris caught 2 of them. Several others were caught on bucktails straggling along with hooked fish or rays.

sounds like things are going to bounce back nicely for the end of the week.

 here are some pics from before the blow:

You can stick your nose up at amberjacks, if you want but they are great fish.   Aggressive bites, easy to chum, great bait and switch, fly, explosive topwater bites and yes, they are good to long as you aren't the one cleaning them

I've snubbed them plenty in the past, "Yeah.......we caught some jacks".   But after yesterday when I rode all over the ocean looking for them, I'll give them a little more credit the next time that I have 100 big dumb fish around the boat that I can hand feed.     won't be long until they're gathered up again, give it a few days.