Monday, June 10, 2013

Social Media, Dumb phones, Text, Raul and Gabby

Social media sucks.   I don't do it.  No facebook, twitter, linked in, whatever.   Don't do it.   Yeah, we've got a facebook page, but Anna updates it from my posts here.  I have never looked at it and I probably never will.   I have no idea who likes me....and less of an idea of who dislikes me.  

I refuse to get one of those dumb phones...I'm not going to submit to whatever spell those phones put on people.....causing them to ignore the world around them or the people with whom they are having lunch.
A bunch of zombies walking around staring into that voo-doo device, poking and swatting at it with their pointer finger, it's just plain stupid.   Put the damn thing in your pocket and look around before you walk off the end of the dock.  And on the boat?   REally?   Might as well bring a frigging television to watch fishing shows.   Had a guy bring a newspaper tarpon fishing one time, with tarpon rolling all around the boat, he was reading a frigging paper.  I carried him back to the dock.

   I don't give a damn how much more productive I would be if I were able to immediately answer someone's   question or give them a fishing report.  They can send me an e mail or look at this blog.   Anyone who doesn't have the patience to wait a day for me to call 'em back isn't someone that I would probably want to spend a day on the water with anyway.   Who wants a fishing guide that is waiting around to answer the phone instead of being out on the water fishing?   And for that matter, who wants a fishing guide who is on the water but on the phone all day?

Heck, I don't even read texts.  It annoys the heck out of me when the phone makes that little beep saying that I've got one.  Don't send me one, I ain't gonna read it or I'll reply several days later with my calloused, swollen, cut fingers trying to bang out " I domt do txt, cal me"

The only benefit to those smart phones is the live radar, that has been very helpful avoiding thunderstorms.   I mention something about the clouds and approaching storms and I've got a regular Skip Waters on the boat with his little gadget......"hey, lemme see that......naw, we're alright"     I hear that I can get the same thing with one of those fancy global positioning devices that tells you where you're at........I'll have to look into that.

Social Media, the only reason that I can see any use to it, other than telling people what you had for dinner and when you are going to the bathroom...... is to try and reach a lot of people and give them some news.

Since this blog is read by a lot of my friends, I felt like this would be the best way to tell you about Gabby.   If you've been to Costa Rica with us, you've probably met my friend Raul, whose link to his coffee business is on this page.   If you've met Raul, then you've most likely met Raul's girlfriend, Gabby.   She is like family to Anna and myself. She has also started chemo this past week for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.   Keep Gabby in your thoughts and prayers.  I'll be going down in a couple weeks and taking down a care package.