Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So with 3 days of solid fishing up on the Roanoke (while I'm on the coast), I charge up there to get in on the best action of the year......just in time to watch the water drop about 2  feet......and the fish do what they do when the water suddenly starts to disappear of the top of their heads......they shut down and quit biting.   Those 100 fish half days are still there, but they waited to resume until I started heading back to the coast and this SW blow of 25 and gusts to 30.    According to Capt. Rod, of course, they were biting again.   With water levels forecast to hold at 13,000 and temps where they need to be, there will be some good fishing up there with the best of it being on the fly and topwater.   Great place to learn how to throw a jig.  

Meanwhile, at the beach, I got out there today for a few hours before the gale started.  I actually saw a cobia, nice 'un, about 30 pounds, unfortunately, the sea conditions were very snotty, I made a poor cast,  got tangled up in my own mess and couldn't find the fish again.  Never saw it again, but as I beat my customers back to the inlet, I did run accross PLENTY of bait.   We are on the cusp of something big. 

Big stuff happening offshore, good dolphin bite, scattered wahoos and blackfins, an occasional yellowfin and the marlins are making an appearance.  The Run Off took a lay day today and Brian sent me some recent pics.