Sunday, May 12, 2013


For me, it's been some pretty good false albacore fishing, but in 250 miles of traveling, I have not seen much more than albies, a few spanish and blues up on the surface.   No brown bombers. 

Offshore, the fishing dolphin have showed up and there are still some nice 'hoos around.  Check out this catch on the Run Off
On those wrecks and reefs a gathering has come together and they will soon be coming ashore......if the water temps will ever warm up.   Record lows forecast for Monday/Tuesday, in the low 40's.   Fortunately back in the 80's by mid-week, maybe that'll do it.   
Check out this 60 pounder that will not be making it to the party this year.  Congrats Tom Cat, that's a nice 'un. 
Check out what she was eating......

On the Roanoke, the rising water has stabilized:

And its projected to be stable for a couple of days:

I may have to slip up there and check it out.