Thursday, May 2, 2013

Getting what we need.....

So what's up with this crazy spring weather?   The fish get up here, it looks decent, then BAM!!! someone pushes the RESET button and we have to wait on them all over again.  Really?  Rain all day and highs barely making it above 60?   One or two days of this crap between several days of sunshine and 80 degrees is more the norm, but where is the sun?   

After catching 30-50 stripers in a half day, I've said the following a lot this week: 

"I'm sorry for the tough fishing, but where can you go and apologize for catching this many fish in a half day?" 

Greg did have a big day with the little guys yesterday, catching well over 100.  Good afternoon jig bite yesterday, even with the RESET button, it is getting better.