Thursday, May 30, 2013

Justin can catch them in the blue water also

Capt.  Justin Haddock is pretty good in the blue water also, this is his dolphin catch and report. 

Went offshore Tuesday caught a few dolphin.  When I  came in the boat kept wanting to drift towards the color change outside the inlet.  Three cobia greeted me as i arrived all shorts.   Couple hundred yards and there were three more,  one was nice,  shot him the bucktail but he would have nothing to do with it.   Wasn't really prepared for cobia, but found out that he wouldn't eat ballyhoo either.  With a box full of mahi to clean decided it was time to head in. saw eight fish all together in about 30 min. as i hit the inlet i was thinking darn  maybe i should have stayed in and cobia fished. I wanted a 50 pounder bad to go in the box with the mahi.  From the radio talk offshore sounded like Brian was sending smoke signals.  When it all cleared he caught 4 blues.  Been busy, but would love to ride along with you again and look for some more cobes.