Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When they came by.......


You just missed it.   They showed up big today.   Chris and Greg combined caught over 40 cobia.  Chris caught 13 out of one bait ball.   I came on the scene from catching amberjacks and saw 50 cobia in less than 2 hours.  I had some fly guys and I nearly pulled my hair out watching cobia eat their fly and then spit their fly out.  It was extraordinarily painful.  At one time I saw 15 fish on the surface around a bait ball, including a 66 pounder that I hooked on a bucktail after it was missed by the fly angler.  I mean it was really incredible………we killed 3, they never caught one on a fly, the other two I hooked from the tower as we were running home.  
Love ya man,


----This is how I described the big bite that fired off 10 days ago......... and has moved on up the beach.   There are still plenty of cobia around,  but nothing like what came by us over the past 10 days.    Also a load of light tackle spanish and amberjacks that are within range of a half day, the sea bass are going to get theirs when the season opens June 1.