Monday, April 29, 2013

Couple of websites to keep an eye on

The first site is projected flows at Weldon, the second is a history of what's gone on.....

As you can see from the second graph, they've stepped the water down a bit.  Just as the fish were getting here and we're having a lot less trouble making our days, the water drops and it's like  putting water on the fire, it kills the bite......temporarily.  The fish drop back and for the most part, stop biting.  They fall down river, perhaps another set of falls, maybe several miles.   As soon as the water levels stabilizes,   life returns to normal, the fish start biting and the upriver migration resumes.   Even if they're on the move up the river, at least we know where they are going and they're feeding along the way.    

We're still getting what we need, but not having any "epic" days, got some pics to follow from this past week.

This rain is going to work out just fine, giving us enough water for a long season......those epic days are still to come and when they get here, they should be here a while.   The keeper season will be closed, but expect phenomenal striper fishing through May.