Monday, December 31, 2012

If I grew up in Miami.......

While in Miami last week with Anna and her huge family, we had the opportunity to go on a sunset cruise around Miami with Mani, Anna's cousin, Hilda, his wife and their adorable, super sweet kids Juan and Isabela.

Great trip, Juan had a microscope and was looking at sargassum, eel grasses and other sea weeds when he wasn't trying to fish.  He reminded me a lot of me.

When we got back to the dock and got the boat in the slip, we sat on the porch of the adjoining restaurant for happy hour.  After a few quick snacks, Juan, with rod in hand and fried calamari (for bait) in the other hand, went off fishing.   After I had a belly full of chicharones, patacones and a couple of rum drinks, I went off to check on Juan and his fishing.

When I found Juan,  he was at the end of the dock and out of bait.  I suggested that we check out another spot.  When we got to the fish cleaning station the lights were shining on the water and there were scattered glass minnows cautiously cruising the edge of blended light.   I cranked up the water hose and started spraying the water, simulating the clean up of the fish table.  Mashed up pieces of over-battered calamari tossed in the froth created by the jet of water brought in flashes of pinfish, grunts and little snappers.  I told Juan to bait up.

Dangling his tiny jig head baited with calamari on the edge of the shadow line, it wasn't long before Juan was getting nibbles.  Before we could get a 2nd piece of bar food on Juan's hook, there he was.  As if transported by a Star Trek transporter,  materializing in front of our eyes a foot long fin, then the outline, then the fish, a 6 foot tarpon, probably over 100 pounds......then another 4 footer.

 Out of nowhere, there was no mistake what we were looking at and what was staring back at us with their silver dollar sized eyes.   I promise you that we were all, Juan, me and the tarpon, equally shocked.

Juan looked up at me and said. "Wow Tio George, you know a lot about fish"