Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Going where we need to get them

I heard that another boat was charging a fuel surcharge of $350 to their customers in order to go to the place that we found the bite yesterday. Yeah, it's a long ways away, but James and crew are tired of not seeing the fish that we know are out there. We finally started trolling home at 60 miles and added a couple more sails to our talley on the way in.We ended up having a double digit days, a dorado and a great blue marlin bite. James was taking a leak down below and Berto was up top when a big blue crashed the left teaser. I got out the pitch bait on the 50 just in time to see him crash the right teaser. James comes out of the head and takes the teaser rod which I already had in gear, pulling the teaser to my marlin bait that we dropping back into position. I saw a fish pop up on my mackeral so I dumped it, couple seconds and engaged....nothing, but bam, she came back for it, so this time I let her have it, engage and we're tight. Get everything clear and backing down when a sailfish jumps on the end of the line......a sailfish stole my bait from the marlin. We catch the sail and James says that there are 4 more sails swimming around up ahead. We put out the dredge and james is letting out his teaser when the marlin pulls off the dredge and pounces on his teaser, pulling it out of his hands......then we saw her no more.