Monday, March 26, 2012

hero or zero

That's what we went for and that's what we got. It was an interesting week. First day of practice we find the mother load, catching 9 sails in jut a couple of hours. Day 1 it seemed like we were out to lunch, just not getting the bites that we needed. Thanks to our new teammate for this tournament, Skip Smith, we made some adjustments that made a lot of sense. Day 2, we were getting the bites to be competitive, but couldn't convert enough of them into releases. On Day 3, to have a chance, we needed a couple of marlin bites and went looking for them, but just didn't find them.

I can't thank enough the weatlh of knowledge that Skip shared with us through the week. Although our performance in this series was far from where we need to be as a tournament boat, we have learned a lot and are better fishemen because of it. Look out in Papagayo in June.....