Saturday, November 12, 2011

We'll miss you Capt. Jack

The Roaonke will not be the same without Capt. Jack Eudy who quietly passed this week, sitting in his recliner, empty bowl of ice cream in his lap.

Below is from Jim Cole who often fished the river and understood the river's importance to Jack.........and Jack's importance to the river:

"It's difficult for me to consider fishin' the Roanoke around Weldon without his being was always there; if not in his boat, chatting with other fisherfolk in the parking lot. Most of you included in this send are fully aware; others, I included, thinking that perhaps you were able to meet him at some point while flingin' flies for shad or stripers in the spring. Dang! I'm certainly going to miss our continual banter, sharing of info (and flies).......and all of the parts of Capt Jack that made him so special to us.

Weldon, simply, won't be the same place without him........but! I have tucked away one of his "special American Shad flies"; I'll tie some up over the winter and post them on the Triangle Fly Fishers site and other sites, as I can attest to it's ability. One slow shad fishin' afternoon late in the season, I had pulled the boat back up at the ramp, seeing his truck perched there ( a common sight to those not familiar). He asked if I had ever caught a "White Shad" (American Shad) around Weldon. After my negative response, he offered up an interesting red over yellow maribou pattern with a gold braid body wrap.....stating, that he felt some "white shad" were in the area. After proper thanks, I opted to re-enter near the ramp and fish the far side across next to the current seam....tying his bright red/yellow maribou thingie onto a 350gr nothing else was going on. Within several casts I hooked what I thought was a small striper (given that it was late Mar/early Apr?) my amazement, I had landed my first "white shad/American shad" (probably 2.5-3lbs) at Weldon with Capt Jack watching from his perch at the ramp. I held it aloft to him, and was able to see his "thumbs up". I will treasure that memory, and many, many others of him every time I enter the water there. It will be very vacant for me, to not share a smoke...or some banter and info, general bitchin' 'bout conditions and such....or areas that have been productive. He will most certainly be missed. I suspect that I and others will "feel him" there on the water this coming spring. "You da Man", Capt Jack......we'll miss ya!! JimBob