Tuesday, November 1, 2011

albie report

There are plenty of fish around, scattered up and down the beach, from Bogue Inlet to the Cape. They're feeding on spearing/glass minnows, which means they are a bit finicky, but if you can get the fly right in their face, they'll eat it......problem is getting the boat in position and the fly in their face, which can be difficult with 15-20 mph winds. Fortunately, the wind has been from and forecast to be from the north which means that conditions are relatively calm along the shoreline.......venturing too far offshore is not an option.

The versatility of the spinning rod opens up some more shots and more fish.

Conditions up the river on this wind are actually pretty good for the stripers and trout. Plenty of places to get out of the wind.

The Down East Guides have openings through the weekend for albies or if you want some fish for dinner, I'd recommend a trip to the Neuse.