Saturday, August 27, 2011

We’re OK

Power went out right after I got home last night. We crashed and woke up to the calm of the eye of the storm. The sun never came out, but we did get to ride around the neighborhood, off 20th St. and towards Blare Farms in Morehead City. All was well. Trees down in on Country Club Rd. and a little high water on 20th, but that’s as far as we went. There are reports of upside down sailboats that are stuck in the trees across the waterway from the Morehead City Waterfront. We’re on the back side of the storm and it’s windy, but it looks like we’re going to be A OK FINE. God help those in low lying areas of Pamlico County.

In the lowest lying areas there are reports of people taking refuge in the attic during the worst of the storm, but the water quickly dropped 4 ft during and after the eye and should be really dropping now. There are reports of water up to the steps of the swimming pool of the Oriental Marina and lots of water in houses on Hodges St. towards the boat ramp. Oriental got 9 feet 6 inches. There are a couple of trees across 55 and windblown water coming across the road from the fields, but that all should clear up as soon as the wind lies down. Either way, we’re not going that direction until daylight tomorrow to see how we can help out.