Sunday, August 28, 2011

All the difference a block makes

As power has just been restored to our block in MHC, we are very thankful to have come out as well as we did in this storm. Other than a few lost shingles here and in Oriental, our houses made out OK. In Oriental, the Marina Hotel got 6 inches in the first floor, I'm not real sure when they will be reopening. The River Neuse 252-249-1404, did not get water and they are open, but phone service in Pamlico County is sketchy. The Oriental Marina Restaurant got an inch in the restaurant. Whether an inch or a foot and whether for 10 minutes or 10 hours, a little water in the house is devastating. M and M's and the Steamer are shut down with knee to waste deep. We have friends in Oriental that have lost everything in their house. Pete and Maureen, our bait guys, made out OK with their house, but Pete lost his ice machines and is going to need some help with them. Our boats are OK, as is the boat landing in Oriental. The river is flat calm and beautiful, we're planning on resuming charters on Tuesday, helping folks dig out tomorrow.....but for some it's going to take longer. The freakiest thing that I did see today was a coffin in a cotton field.

Anna demands a rematch from her losses in both Rumy and that the power is back on, the tv is going off and she'll have a chance to redeem herself.