Monday, July 25, 2011

Shallow Water Surprise

Good morning George -

I wanted to share this pic with you. Tuck and I fished with some good friends Saturday am out of Oriental to Rattan Bay and Raccoon Island where you showed Tuck how to fish a plastic bait...

We caught some Flounder on the back side of raccoon out of the wind and then this brut. He was in 3 foot of water on the back-side of Raccoon Island and hit a 4 inch Gulp Bait. Tuck fought him with a 2000 series Okuna Reel and 12lb line on a medium action rod.

He did a great job fighting this fish gently and boated him and released him safely. The fish revived nicely and swam away with no signs of stress.

As a bonus, the fished was tagged and we look forward to getting the data back soon.